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How Much Will You Get For Your Property?

There are many factors which may affect the value of your property such as;  

  • Buyer demand 
  • Location
  • Style
  • Condition
  • Presentation - Talk to us early ... Styling can add thousands to your bottom line
  • The time of year - Is there a best season to sell your home?
  • Economy
  • Local events

You can control some of these factors. We will provide advice on what to do in order to maximise your homes potential in a way that could save you money by only doing things that will add value to your home for the sale.

It's a good idea to get this advice early so that you have plenty of time to get the jobs done without rushing.

We can also give you our estimate of the price your home might sell for. 


The Next Step

Request a Market Appraisal

There's nothing like a face-to-face meeting.  We will visit your property, get to meet you, provide some feedback on what selling price you might achieve, suggest things you could do to prepare for the sale, discuss ways we could market the property and discuss our fee.

Contact us at anytime to arrange a market appraisal 

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